Project Name: Abington Street, Re-opening to traffic

Client: Northampton Borough Council
Project Budget: £3.0m
Project Duration: May 2014 – December 2014
KBS Ltd Key Deliverables: Public Relations/Design Development/Contract Management/Contract Negotiation/Cost Management

Project Narrative:

Abington Street was the first commission that Kinver Business Solutions Ltd undertook for client, Northampton Borough Council.

Abington Street is the principle shopping street within the town centre of Northampton and had been fully pedestrianised during the 1980’s. The re-opening to vehicular traffic was a key ingredient to the ongoing prosperity of the street by the Council and so plans were developed for the street to be re-opened.

Kinver Business Solutions Ltd became Client Project Manager for the works during the final stages of feasibility design and quickly saw through the necessary approvals for works to commence in May 2014.

The complexity of the project and the material pallet chosen would result in the scheme developing in phases to minimise the impact upon businesses. Business Liaison was a key fundamental deliverable as was Public Relations. Works were onsite for 8 months. Businesses were assisted with deliveries; the works were tailored to work around key bank holidays to minimise down time and extended working hours to minimise the impact to business frontages.

Kinver Business Solutions Ltd oversaw the contract management of the principle contractor and ensured that continual liaison was undertaken and that surveys with businesses where necessary were completed in good time. Each business was individually consulted upon and a strategy agreed for working outside of business frontages and the opening of new businesses were negotiated throughout the works.

The project was completed within its financial parameters and with an increased specification was completed before the Christmas embargo to ensure a successful festive trading period.

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