Kinver Services

Kinver Business Solutions Ltd offer a bespoke Project Management solution based service to clients who require projects throughout a project lifecycle. We have adept at developing projects from conception and guiding clients and stakeholders through the various milestones. We are also highly accomplished at stepping into failing projects, understanding the challenges and delivering solutions.

Our team are Prince 2 accredited with the flexibility and knowledge to apply these skills where required to deliver the desired outcomes.

A number of our projects have been recognised regionally for award nominations and two projects, St Giles Street, Northampton and Deleapre Abbey, Northampton have won national or regional awards.

Working with trusted associates we have brought together the disciplines of architecture and project management. The relationship with the architectural associate has been developed and nurtured since 2014 with various joint projects being delivered or worked upon.

They are AABC, RIBA & CA qualified and accredited.

We work with a quantity surveying practice that brings sector experience from Tier 1 contracting through to local historical and heritage projects.

Delivering both Professional Quantity Surveying (PQS) and also contractor quantity surveying they bring a knowledge of the sector that is hard to be rivalled.

The relationship has developed since 2014 and we have bid for various projects jointly. This practice represents an organisation that we are proud to be associated with.

Delivered in house by our own team, PFI Management by a main stay of our Managing Directors previous career. Operational delivery of PFI Projects in the MoD, Social Housing and NHS sectors, with responsibilities ranging from tenancy and occupational management, soft to hard facilities management.
We have worked closely with a consultant since 2017 delivering various property compliance works. These include water hygiene through to fire safety. Asbestos management is a speciality of the team and our services have been employed for multiple clients.